How a session is structured/treatment cost

The initial session will be slightly different to any further sessions because there will be some administration to attend to (personal details etc.), but mainly because it will be necessary to discuss the problem in some depth in order for us to be able to put a treatment plan together.

It is important to look at certain aspects of the problem such as:

Fear, worry, stress, anxiety

We will agree a plan of treatment which will, in its basic form, be the method that is best suited to you to resolve the issue. It will contain the new, positive thoughts and feelings that we have talked about and which will be put in place to replace the old, negative ones.

It is important to remember that the goals we set will only be those that you feel confident in reaching and that are realistic. Setting targets that are plainly unachievable is pointless and can lead to a worsening of the problem.

So, once we have agreed on the best approach for you, we will start the session which will begin with some breathing and relaxing techniques which will eventually lead into the hypnosis itself, so you will be completely relaxed, calm, and focused on the new way of looking at the issue. As mentioned earlier, the hypnosis is really a period of focused attention on a single, dominant idea whilst in a relaxed, calm state. Whilst you are in that condition, you will be more receptive to suggestions, but most importantly, only those suggestions and ideas that we have previously discussed and agreed upon.

Some people find it easier than others to slip into the state of focused attention that is known as hypnosis, but the key is not to expect to be in a trance like state, unaware of what is going on and under the control of the hypnotherapist, that is simply not the case. Just think of that film, or book that you became completely engrossed in, that’s hypnosis.You will only respond to suggestions and ideas that you have previously agreed.

Once you have emerged from your period of hypnosis, we will discuss how you feel it went, and talk about what you can do between sessions to aid the treatment – your homework!

Everyone can achieve a state of hypnosis, just as long as it’s something they really wish to do. Some people respond more readily to the idea and achieve their goal fairly quickly, with others it can take a little longer.

At the outset of the treatment, it is difficult to say exactly how many sessions may be needed, but after the first session it is usually possible to give a fairly accurate estimate.


Session Costs

Initial consultation – free
Thereafter – £65 for a 50 minute session.
Smoking cessation – £175 for a two hour plus session, or £65 for multiple sessions.