Many types of habitual behaviour can be eradicated or improved substantially with hypnotherapy because habits are learnt behaviour, which can be unlearnt, or maybe the habit is triggered and maintained by a negative or harmful pattern of thinking which can be changed by hypnotherapy. The key to the cure is in changing the stimulus that perpetuates the problem.

Common treatable habits:

Adrian Giles Hypnotherapy


Adrian Giles Hypnotherapy

Hair pulling

Adrian Giles Hypnotherapy

Nail biting

Adrian Giles Hypnotherapy

Teeth grinding (Bruxism)

Although these habits are different in the way they manifest themselves, they are very similar in that the root cause is often stress or anxiety, tension, boredom, low self-worth or maybe loneliness.

It may take a little time to establish the actual cause or causes of the problem, because it is not always apparent and quite often the sufferer will not associate the habit with a particular aspect of their life.

So, we will spend some time talking about such things as the history of the habit, what factors make it worse or better, how you deal with it at the moment and the impact it has on your life. Then we’ll put together a plan to overcome the problem.

As with most other conditions treatable with hypnotherapy, it will be a joint effort, so all you will need is a strong desire to rid yourself of the habit, and the willingness to follow the plan.

The above habits are the most common ones, many other habits can be effectively treated with hypnotherapy. Contact me and we can discuss your particular issue.

Unsurprisingly, the most common habit for which people seek hypnotherapy treatment is….


According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2017 around 7.4 million people in the UK were smokers. A figure which has been gradually reducing, but which still represents about 15% of the adult population.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy, usually in the form of patches, chewing gum or inhalers has undoubtedly had an impact in reducing the numbers of people who smoke although as a treatment, it does mean that the smoker is still reliant on a habit.
Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is an effective and completely natural way of kicking the habit for good. However, it is essential that you are completely committed to giving up the habit. A hypnotherapist will help you every step on the way to quitting, but the motivation and desire to quit must come from yourself.
Unlike most other issues treated with hypnotherapy, treatment to stop smoking can take the form of a single session of two hours or so; this doesn’t suit everyone so the normal method of several sessions is also available.
A fair amount of this time is spent discussing your smoking habit with the aim of understanding why you smoke and why you may have found it difficult to give up in the past. It will be necessary to go through with you the dangers of smoking but this is not dwelt on as you are probably already aware of them!
As with anxiety and phobias, your attitude to smoking is a learned behaviour, so we will then set about changing the way you view smoking and giving you the confidence to kick the habit. In other words, you will unlearn that behaviour and understand, at a sub-conscious level, that there is absolutely no reason to smoke.
You will come to realise that there are simply no benefits whatsoever to smoking. You will understand that you do not need cigarettes to calm yourself or reduce stress. Smoking increases your heart rate and your blood pressure, so how could it reduce your stress levels? In addition to the enormous harm smoking does to your body, it also severely damages your wallet; a 20 a day habit will cost you about £3,900 a year, and that doesn’t include associated costs like increased insurance premiums, cleaning, repairing or replacing furnishings, personal hygiene etc.

If you’re in employment that equates to approximately £5,000 of your gross income, just think what difference that amount could make to your holiday plans.

If you have complete commitment and a willingness to embrace the process, hypnotherapy can, in one session, rid you of the habit that is damaging your health and costing you lot of money into the bargain.
With hypnotherapy you can become a non-smoker in a matter of two hours or so.

Other habits

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome other habits such as nail biting, hair pulling, teeth grinding (Bruxism) and many others.

Just give me a call or fill in the email contact form to discuss without any obligation at all.